As your Listing Agent, I will do an initial walk of your home and prepare a thorough list of improvements that you can do to help market your home.


1. Make cosmetic improvements - an attractive, clean and tidy appearance will enhance your homes appeal.
  • keep your lawn mowed & walkways cleared
  • wash the windows crystal clear
  • open shades and curtains for an inviting atmosphere
  • de-clutter the house especially the kitchen & bathroom
2. Pay attention to details - fixing minor items will go a long way toward improving that very important first impression.
  • repair noticeably leaky faucets
  • tighten loose door knobs
  • replace damaged screens
  • replace all burned-out light bulbs (with CFL or LED)
  • secure loose railings
  • patch holes in walls and ceiling and repaint
  • repair and coat the driveway
3. Make maintenance improvements.
  • trim tree's and shrubs
  • apply new caulking and weatherstripping as needed
  • clean gutters of debris and leaves
  • replace bathroom caulk or grout where necessary
  • replace dirty filters in the heating system
  • have chimney's professionally cleaned & inspected
4. Take safety precaution - protect your home and it's occupants from danger. Good ideas that create a great first impression:
  • install quality smoke detectors
  • install quality carbon-monoxide detectors
  • ensure there is adequate outdoor lighting - it shows off the house at night too!
  • install GFCI outlets outdoors and in wet locations such as bathroom & laundry
  • check the tension on garage doors
5. Check the major systems - a primary concern for home buyers is the condition of the basic structure and major mechanical systems.Most buyers have great fear of the cost to repair these critical areas:
  • roof structures and covering
  • foundation, basement, and/or crawl space
  • central heating and air conditioning
  • electrical systems
  • plumbing systems
6. Prepare for the buyers inspection - find the various house records that can be used to answer questions from the purchaser and their inspector:
  • appliance receipts, service records & warranties
  • age of major components such as the roof, furnace, air-conditioner, etc.
  • heating, water, and electrical bills from the past 12 months

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